Drawn to Create | Week One

Welcome to Week One


So here you are, ready to embark on your journey on learning how to draw, or potentially draw better if you already dabble. As…

Recommended Materials

  • HB
  • 2B
  • 4B
  • 2H
  • Art Diary
  • Eraser (+ kneadable eraser)
  • Shading Sheet
  • Warm Up Sheet
  • Mirror
  • Faces & Vases Sheet
  • Upside Down Drawing

Pencil Explanation

In this video I explain the different types of pencils I recommend to use through out this course, and why. If you’re new to the art world this may be…

Shading, Holding Pencil, & Drawing from Shoulder

The title really says it all.


Here you will learn about holding your pencil a new and different way, learning to draw from the shoulder and we test out our new…

Warm Ups

Now onto our warm ups. These I highly recommend doing every time, at least for a few minutes, before any long sit down to draw. They aren’t very long, but…

Before Drawing - Hand

Alright. Here we are. Getting into the juicy stuff. Here we’re going to do our very first proper drawing – of your hand! Hands are rather handy (hehe) in that…

Before Drawing - Self Portrait

Now we’ve tested the waters, we’ve warmed up, and taken a small rest – we’re ready to jump in again. This time we’re going to draw our own face! Once…

Faces & Vases

Now this one is a bit of a mind twister. Follow along with what the video and the below handouts tell you, and see how you go. Expect to struggle…

Upside Down Drawing

Ok, this might sound strange, but hear me out. The videos explain why this works well to train you to see like an artist, and to learn what that feels…

Week One Debrief + Extra Work

Huzzah! Week One done and dusted! How are we feeling about it so far? I’d love to hear the thing you struggled with the most and one thing you’re most…

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