Drawn to Create | Week Five

Welcome to Week Five


Welcome back! I'm so proud of you, seriously. Let's get stuck into it!

Small Grid Drawing

Here we are, continuing to put into practise what we learned last week. Sometimes grid drawing can feel counter-intuitive however practising and learning this method improves your overal ability to…

Large Grid Drawing - Outline

In this exercise we're going to step up the game and draw a bigger picture. Now take your time to draw up the grid work, making sure you have the…


It's time to get our shade on!


The handout today is a sheet for you to try out different types of shading. This could be an entirely separate mini course all…

Week Five Debrief + Extra Work

That's the end of week five! How are you finding it all so far? Below I have an extra grid drawing for you to practice with, but also this is…

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