Well hello there! Fancy meeting you here. Come here often?

Ok, ok, ok. Enough of that nonsense. Here’s my first blog post. How about that, hey? I’m still in the process of constructing my site, but I thought I’d take a little time out to say g’day, and talk a little bit about my week.

This week I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a domain name and hosting, and FINALLY get my site up. I have been wanting to do this for forever, but I kept coming up with excuse not to. Until last night. Well this morning, really. Somewhere around midnight anyway. I decided it was time to put away the fears, accept that it all may be for naught, but I should do it anyway. Worse case scenario? I lose a bit of time and money. Best case… well, we’ll see, won’t we 😉

I have also been working on a beautiful little commissioned ink painting, which I cannot show as the owner hasn’t even seen it yet! But it’s suuuuuper cute, you’ll just have to take my word for it. Other than that I’ve started a couple of portraits of my own; one of one of our cats and one of my parents. These take a back seat (sorry mum and dad) to commissions, site construction and getting ready for markets, but they’ll get done eventually.

Oo, oo, I’m also starting to play with oil painting! It’s ugly so far, haha, but that’s to be expected.

Later this week I have to travel to Darwin (3hrs north) to get an MRI on my painting hand. I’m not crazy excited about it, but it has to happen.

That’s enough for now though. Time to watch some more Masterchef and get painting.

Amelia xx

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